USATF / AAU Registration 

AAU Registration
AAU Club #: WWFY3E

We need you to register your child/children on both the AAU & USATF sites, in order for them to be eligible to compete in the qualifying meets.  For those of you that ran with us last year, please renew your numbers. By renewing your past membership, your child's birthdate has already been verified by USATF. 

For those of you with kids that are 6 & under, please note that they will be competing at the 8 & under level. Only the top 6 times/distances will advance to the next round. With that being said, you need to decide if you want to purchase a membership for just that one meet. Once you've completed the registration on both sites, please forward me the membership numbers only. I don't need your confirmation notice, just the numbers.

The AAU site has been updated since last year, so you will have to get a new number even if you had a prior one from last year. 



USATF Registration
USATF Club #: 10-0950
$20.00 for 1 year

When you register your child you will need to fill in all information, do not use your old number (it will ask for a password) you will be able to renew next year with the new number that you will receive. After you have registered, you should print out a copy immediately after you register them. I will need both AAU and USATF membership numbers. 

The club numbers are very important, if you do not enter it your child will be registered as an unattached athlete and we will have to go through a little trouble to get it corrected, so please if you should have any question while registering online, please call 301-326-5639.


Please make sure your membership is marked Track Express under the Potomac Valley Association.

Please Read the Information Below before Registering.  Click the logos to access the sites.